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#13348844 Jul 13, 2017 at 09:00 PM
Q) Please provide a link to your armory:


Q) Why did you choose the class / specialization that you currently play?

A) When i start playing WoW, i want to choose any diferent class that other mmorpg games, thats why i choose a shaman. After that, i saw some shaman videos on youtube and i felt in love of enhancement shaman gameplay.

Q) What resources do you use for theorycrafting, or to improve your gameplay?

A) I usually use mmo-champion and reddit to read some guides about my class and use simulationcraft to test my gear and builds.

Q) Under what circumstances would you consider it appropriate to bench a raid member for the remainder of an evening or for a specific encounter?

A) If a raid member cannot learn or follow mechanics more than 4-5 times for example, or he's being a toxic player on voice or raid chat.

Q) On a boss encounter, what role do you prefer, and why (e.g.: off-tank healing or add duty)?

A) I like to do dps, because i like big number and i consider i'm good at swapping target to focus the correct adds/boss.

Q) Your raid leader has directed you to change to a specific talent that you don’t necessarily agree with. How do you approach the situation?

A) On that situation i like to talk about that and if we consider that is the best choice for guild progress or to optimize my damage, i don't have any problem to switch some talent.

Q) Does time spent doing something equate to quality of outcome? Explain your response.

A) Always is good to learn mechanics and optimize our damage, positioning and cd managment.

Q) Provide any details of any negative account actions that you have received, if any:

A) No one

Q) What is your education level? Provide a general description of what you do to draw a paycheck.

A) I'm an university student.

Q) And finally, List your battletag or best way to contact you.

A) sabaton#1590
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#13352650 Jul 16, 2017 at 01:09 PM
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Thank you for your interest in Symbiosis-Sargeras. Our officer core will look over your application and get back with you shortly.
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