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#13348852 Jul 13, 2017 at 09:08 PM
Please provide a link to your armory:

Why did you choose the class / specialization that you currently play?
-I choose warrior because I like war and choose arms because is my favorite spec and I think a war do not use dual wild arms in general terms.

What resources do you use for theorycrafting, or to improve your gameplay?
- I usually check Warcraftlog and read discord guide to improve my gameplay and skills management.

Under what circumstances would you consider it appropriate to bench a raid member for the remainder of an evening or for a specific encounter?
-If a raid member cannot learn or follow mechanics, or he's being a toxic on voice or raid chat with other raid members.

On a boss encounter, what role do you prefer, and why (e.g.: off-tank healing or add duty)?
-I prefer do dps I think is more enterteinment and i like to do soaking mechs

Your raid leader has directed you to change to a specific talent that you don’t necessarily agree with. How do you approach the situation?
As i said before, i'm always looking for tips to improve my gameplay, so, if we consider that is the best choice for that situation, i dont have problems to switch some talents.

Does time spent doing something equate to quality of outcome? Explain your response.
-I think is good because its better practice a boss than watch videos or read guides about it

Provide any details of any negative account actions that you have received, if any:
- No one.

What is your education level? Provide a general description of what you do to draw a paycheck.
- Im teacher in elementary school

And finally, List your battletag or best way to contact you

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#13352657 Jul 16, 2017 at 01:14 PM
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Thank you for your interest in Symbiosis-Sargeras. Our officer core will look over your application and get back with you shortly.
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