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#13350370 Jul 14, 2017 at 09:27 PM
Please provide a link to your armory:

Why did you choose the class / specialization that you currently play?
Been playing Enhancement shaman since beginning of ICC in wrath. Had a couple stints of resto/ele because of class/spec imbalance but always ended up playing enhance again. I have almost always enjoyed the spec especially now it is a blast to play.

What resources do you use for theorycrafting, or to improve your gameplay?
I try to use every possible source. Class discord, do my own sims, icy-veins, and wowhead are my primaries. I usually stay away from the wow official forums as many people can be easily mislead there. I will also reach out to other shamans that are similarly progressed and compare logs. I typically analyze logs the day after raid to see where I can improve.

Under what circumstances would you consider it appropriate to bench a raid member for the remainder of an evening or for a specific encounter?
There are many instances I would find appropriate to sit someone. The biggest one is being toxic. Other applications may be not pulling their weight, messing up mechanics(which are super important the harder the raid difficulty), or in rare cases if another class may perform better.

On a boss encounter, what role do you prefer, and why (e.g.: off-tank healing or add duty)?
I prefer dps, have played mainly dps classes since I started playing WoW. I have off healed and off tanked here and there, mainly on alts.

Your raid leader has directed you to change to a specific talent that you don’t necessarily agree with. How do you approach the situation?
Being an enhancement shaman there are few beneficial choices. the ones that come to mind are the CC tier talents which can easily interchanged with no issues, the others however minus the "AoE" tier can heavily affect rotation, dps, and/or be legendary dependant in some cases. I am typically open minded but if it doesn't make sense I will try to explain or reason.

Does time spent doing something equate to quality of outcome? Explain your response.
Yes time spent does equal quality. I learned this the hard way going through school. The more you work on something the better you get at it is the way I take it. While there can be a cap on how good you can get at one thing the more you do it the better your muscle memory is thus making things smoother.
Provide any details of any negative account actions that you have received, if any:
I have no negative actions from blizzard.
What is your education level? Provide a general description of what you do to draw a paycheck.
Currently going through a bachelor's program for construction management. Employed by the great USAF as a civil engineer. This being said I do pull stand-by at times which means if I get a call I have to respond. I do try to let people know in advance when this is so everything can be hashed out in advance.

And finally, List your battletag or best way to contact you.
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#13352669 Jul 16, 2017 at 01:21 PM
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Thank you for your interest in Symbiosis-Sargeras. Our officer core will be reviewing your application and touch base with you soon.
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