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Please provide a link to your armory:

Why did you choose the class / specialization that you currently play?

I chose a restoration druid because i wanted more diversity in the game. After leaving the game a few months after the release of legion, i took a small break. And once i returned i switched mains after playing a warlock.

What resources do you use for theorycrafting, or to improve your gameplay?

I use Noxxic or Icy veins

Under what circumstances would you consider it appropriate to bench a raid member for the remainder of an evening or for a specific encounter?

Respecting your players is important. But progress is too. Sometimes players need to sit out. I would say multiple failures to the same mechanic. Or low dps multiple times should result in a sit out.

On a boss encounter, what role do you prefer, and why (e.g.: off-tank healing or add duty)?

Healing, and thats because i'm putting my full attention into that role. I want to be the best at it

Your raid leader has directed you to change to a specific talent that you don’t necessarily agree with. How do you approach the situation?

Im all good with trying out different talents. Whatever gets us a kill. Is good with me

Does time spent doing something equate to quality of outcome? Explain your response.

The more time you put into something, the better you will become at that something. So yes, i think that the more effort you put into a subject, the better you will become at it.

Provide any details of any negative account actions that you have received, if any:

I haven't received any serious negative account actions. I was once banned for 3 hours over spam in trade chat.

What is your education level? Provide a general description of what you do to draw a paycheck.

Right now i am in high school. I havent gotten a job yet. But i plan on getting a small job that pays good hourly.

And finally, List your battletag or best way to contact you.
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