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#13387570 Aug 08, 2017 at 09:04 PM
Please provide a link to your armory:

I didn't see a spot in this application to put my logs, so here's a night of H ToS in my current guild (tonight):

I have recorded almost every ToS fight from the past six weeks.

Why did you choose the class / specialization that you currently play?
I started playing my mage in the beginning of WoTLK and really enjoyed the pure damage aspect of the class, as well as little perks like portals and free food. Over time that has evolved into an appreciation of the mobility and high skill cap of the class. I rarely feel like I am truly getting 100% out of my class in a raiding situation. Chasing the dragon keeps me hooked and drives me to improve.

What resources do you use for theorycrafting, or to improve your gameplay?
Icy Veins for stuff I can reference and YouTube for in-depth explanations on how to play certain specs.

Under what circumstances would you consider it appropriate to bench a raid member for the remainder of an evening or for a specific encounter?
Repeated mistakes on the same mechanic, if the raid member is being disruptive, or if the class sucks for the encounter.

On a boss encounter, what role do you prefer, and why (e.g.: off-tank healing or add duty)?
Killing everything.

I have an 897 holy priest that I am gearing up and am loving playing so far. Soon that will be an alt I could bring in if needed.

Your raid leader has directed you to change to a specific talent that you don’t necessarily agree with. How do you approach the situation?
Change it, first because leadership requested the change, and also because the difference can be measured through logs. So even if I disagree, logs tell all. I know I won't always agree with raid leaders but also it's not my job to question the overall strategy.

Does time spent doing something equate to quality of outcome? Explain your response.
If sense of progress can be counted as an improvement to quality of outcome (I think it does), then yes. Hours spent/wipes made are a necessary obstacle to the goal of clearing content. It might take 10 wipes or 100 wipes, but that is what is required in order to complete the goal.

Provide any details of any negative account actions that you have received, if any:

What is your education level? Provide a general description of what you do to draw a paycheck.
I served in the US Air Force from 2011-2015 and have spent the last 2 years going to college. I have an A.A. in Political Science and I am working on my B.A. I also study French at school (4 semesters) and speak it at a lower intermediate level. This summer I took an intensive Spanish course so my French is pretty rusty. Anyways I have novice proficiency in both languages. I plan to continue studying both for years.

I don't currently have a job, so all my money comes from G.I. Bill/grants/etc.

And finally, List your battletag or best way to contact you.
battletag: zook1n1#1332 or Moria/Oyay on Sargeras
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#13390861 Aug 10, 2017 at 07:49 PM
nvm i am going to reject my own app

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